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ring pillows? ring pillows!!

So many things to love over at Estilo Weddings! I think I'll start by loving the ring pillows. Not something I usually post about, and I must say that I've never stumbled across ring pillows I like quite as much as these. I thought you might be similarly inspired by them. Enjoy!


Pencils on 10:29 AM

Those are very pretty. So many ring pillows are very tacky, in my opinion. And ridiculously overpriced. A nice woman from eBay made mine--it was similar to those, just without a silk flower. Navy blue silk, wide ivory ribbon, and narrower ivory ribbon to hold the faux rings. I think it cost me all of $15 with shipping.

missanna on 4:48 PM

do like these lots.... without the flower that is.
i was so disgruntled with the options out there... so, i scrapped the idea of the traditional pillow.
my two nephews (ages 5 & 2) walked down the aisle with build-a-bear bears. i spruced them up with t-shirts i had designed and tied funky rings made out of foil to the bears wrist. they stole the show.... my nephews that is... not just the bears.
peace and who says you have to be like everyone else