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I've posted about the wonderful Japanese art of folding fabric before, but I found these amazing hair accessories on Etsy the other day, and thought I'd post them before I headed out for the weekend. I love the delicate folds and the bright pops of color, each one is a little work of art!
I'm planning a full weekend of nursery decorating, bulb planting, and painting. It will be a miracle if I can do all three! The weather IS supposed to be nice, and I don't have any other obligations... so I've got my fingers crossed for an uber-productive two days with a little sunshine mixed in. Enjoy your weekends everyone, and see you Monday!


AEOT on 2:43 PM

Those are gorgeous!! If I had known about these last August, I would have used the ivory ones in my hair.

Daniela + Mat on 3:01 PM

Wow....these are great looking I want to eat one! The photography is great on these too

Jenna Lang on 9:56 AM

These are beautiful! What a great Etsy find.


Anonymous on 9:53 PM

Those are perfect!!!
Thanks for sharing.


WestAussieWedding on 6:27 AM

They are gorgeous! Bold yet delicate! I think it would be a great way to add some colour to your wedding hairstyle

Alex Davies on 6:38 AM

Wow what works of art - incredible

HanamiGallery on 9:43 PM

thank you so much for blogging about my shop! i would like to thank you and send you a gift for doing this! i really really appreciate it!

Tricia B. on 2:02 AM

These are amazing. I wish I was getting married all over again so I could incorporate them in my wedding.

Anonymous on 3:13 PM

I love her work. I had three of them done for my wedding! She's super patient and works with you on the color and fabric!

Wedding Photographer on 7:15 AM

Indeed, very beautiful these artifical flowers. I can imagine that they are way more easier to attach than the real thing.

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