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sarah seven

Sarah Seven makes these gorgeous dresses. She'll even apply her talent to a custom gown for you. I love the layered bodices that she creates. I also adore that raspberry colored dress. Those are the facts as I see them.


liz on 11:08 PM


Celia on 12:08 AM

i'll take one of each, thank you!

crazy cat lady on 5:50 AM

i love the pink one <3

Anonymous on 3:38 PM

she actually won't repond to requests for custom dresses, I was ready to mail her a check to start a dress for me and after several ignored emails and phone calls I gave up, guess my $ wasn't good enough

Julia on 6:26 AM

I really love the style, would be great for bridesmaid dresses

What he ate, what I ate. on 6:05 PM

As far as I'm concerned, the girl can do no wrong!

Anonymous on 8:54 AM

My daughter had a similar experience as anonymous, but she did actually order something (not custom) to see if she wanted to use her for bridesmaids dresses. When the order finally came three months later it was the wrong piece in the wrong color in the wrong size. The designs are beautiful, but she needs to work on her business skills.

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