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tradition in full bloom

These beautiful little blooms are the product of an ancient Japanese tradition known as Tsumami Kanzashi (the art of pinching luxurious silks into flower-shaped hair ornaments). Atelier Kanawa makes both traditional & modern Tsumami Kanzashi and was professionally trained by one of the only 15 acknowledged Tsumami Kanzashi artisans in Japan. Not only are these flowers the continuation of a beautiful and ancient tradition, but the folded version will not wilt like the real ones, and will be just as beautiful in 20 years as they are today. Wearing one of these in your 'do would be a wonderful way to acknowledge Japanese heritage in your family if you happen to have it.


Anonymous on 12:22 AM

it's so cute!

Silverdale florist

Anonymous on 11:08 AM

Those are lovely. They kind of remind me of a bias blossom that Providence textile artist Cindy Treen makes from silk. It's in her book "Last Minute Fabric Gifts." There is a photo from the book on the book photographer's site here:
Cindy Treen also does amazing things with wedding gowns. I've seen the portfolio at a show she was at.