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I'm so happy to be back! While I have no news (they didn't do an ultrasound this morning, so I'll have to wait a few weeks to find out if it's a boy or a girl) I am excited to get back to blogging and to work at Kenzie Kate. Thank you to everyone who left name suggestions. I will revisit this problem in a few weeks!
I got an exciting email from Becky Kelso last week about her new website and corresponding sale. Enter the code "OPAL" at checkout until the end of March and get a 25% discount off anything on her new site. I thought I'd post about that first off, in case any of you might like to do a little discount shopping!


Pretty Lovely on 9:21 PM

I love the necklace!

Rachel on 10:38 PM

Becky Kelso is a major temptation for me (those chunky rings are one of the things I drool over regularly), so a discount definitely sweetens the deal. I might have to finally give in.

the un-bride on 1:19 AM

How did I miss that?!? Congrats, Mizz Kenzie.

Rachel Elizabeth on 9:51 AM

I love the ring in the bottom corner. Beautiful but it costs more than my wedding band did! Maybe someday I will splurge. For now I'll save it in my bookmarks.

Anonymous on 1:00 PM



Ashleigh on 11:17 AM

I love it when you feature lovely engagement ring options! So few bloggers do, and it's lovely to see some beautiful, elegant alternatives.