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pretty patterned pumps

I love these all so much. Seriously? I would wear the grey polka dot ones with a ball gown, a party dress, or a bathing suit. In a boat, with a goat... all of the above. How surprising and chic would any of these patterned pumps be under your wedding gown? Love. All from J. Crew.


Jess on 8:24 PM

These are amazing! I'm getting the bottom ones for my wedding in May!

Victory Bird on 9:21 AM

O, why, J.Crew, must your shoes be just so perfect? I'm dying for these beautiful mustard colored satin pumps!

Has anyone ever actually owned a pair of J.Crew pumps? Are the comfortable?? I'd love to know before taking the plunge!

Victory Bird on 9:21 AM
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Southern Bride To Be on 1:01 PM

Oh gosh those polka dot heels are adorable!!

Ashley L. on 1:36 PM

Gosh I love J. Crew! And I cannot say that enough! :)

Amanda B. Young on 6:39 PM

Ohhh that J.Crew -- they always seem to have something (or many things) to taunt us with!