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let freedom ring

When I posted about Freedom to Marry Week last year, I thought, "ok, this is something I believe in very strongly... I'm willing to take some flack if people object." I was thrilled and surprised to find an overwhelming show of support. People de-lurking to rally in favor of marriage equality for all. I'm not sure why I expected anything different from you all, but thank you for being such an awesome, supportive group. You guys are the best!
This week it's Freedom to Marry Week again, and I'm back here again to show my support for equal (not different) rights for everyone in our country. Learn about the cause here. Donate here.


Jessica on 9:12 AM

I've been following your blog for a few months planning my own wedding and love your ideas. However, I was surprised to log on this morning and see a post on Marriage Equality. This is something I am very much opposed to and support marriage being defined traditionally as between a woman and a man. I find it frustrating that I can't even enjoy a wedding blog without being bombarded with liberal ideas that I disagree with. I am growing weary of constantly being told that my conservative values should not have a voice and in the media and entertainment industries which I go to for just that, entertainment, I have to also have liberal values imposed on me.

I will from now on no longer subscribe to your blog for this reason. I would encourage you to stick to what the purpose of your blog is...weddings, not the philosophy of them.

Janet on 9:20 AM

I could not disagree with Jessica more. Bravo to you, Mackenzie for your blog and your voice.

Mackenzie on 9:27 AM

I post once a year on this topic. I'd hardly call that "bombardment". I also never said that your conservative values should not have a voice. You are in fact, welcome to voice your opinion. As am I.

maggie on 9:45 AM

Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous on 10:16 AM

I agree with Jessica in most of what she said. I very much want the definition of marriage to stay as it is as I am sure that any change would cause more problems than it would solve. But I do concede that everyone can have their own opinion(even if I think you're are wrong). And I know your 'once a year post' is not bombardment, but I still find it disappointing that I can't go to a blog about marriage and what is suppose to be a happy topic without being forced defend what marriage really is, not only according to God but also our own constitution.


I want to thank you for showing your support of marriage equality. This is an unique time in my life that I never dreamed I'd be able to experience. I am a NYC bride set to marry the love of my life in September 2009. I have been lucky enough to have spent the past 23 years of my life with this amazing woman. Even though we feel like old married folk, we always wanted to have a legally recognized marriage and vowed to ourselves and to each other to have a big wedding if it ever became legal in our home state. Last May, our governor decided to recognize out-of-state, same-sex marriage in NY and needless to say we were over the moon! Thank you again for your support and your attempt to raise awareness of this important issue.

Helen on 10:48 AM

The great thing about our country (we can all agree on this) and Blogger is that Mackenzie can post whatever she wants on her blog, no explanation necessary ... and you can read it or not read it. Yes, this blog might be about weddings, but the content as it pertains to weddings/marriage is up to Mackenzie. This is a completely relevant post (And really, who's to say if it isn't? That's right, no one but Mackenzie.) and I'm surprised more wedding blogs aren't addressing this. Frankly, I'm proud of Mackenzie for choosing to show her support for something she believes in. After all, this is her blog.

Adrienne on 10:56 AM

I'm going to speak up in favor of your post...and in direct opposition to Jessica. As a Texan, I get bombarded the other way...constant streams about what "defines" marriage (i.e one man, one woman). Marriage is what the two people involved view it as. Period. Why people would let someone else's definition and life choice have such a HUGE impact on them, to the point of denying them equal rights is beyond me.

There are people out there who think only marriage in a specific church should count as "real" marriage. Does that mean it should negate all other weddings and marriages? Most people would say no. Because our country was founded upon personal freedoms. Same sex marriage is no different.

So I for one applaud your once-a-year "bombardment".

Anonymous on 2:32 PM

Thanks Mackenzie for supporting equal rights for all people.

To my fellow anonymous commenter: our constitution says nothing about the definition of marriage, but it does say something about the separation of church and state. Plenty of religions happily acknowledge same-sex unions and I'd like to think that we, in the US, have equal respect for the practice of all of these faiths.

Bridechka on 3:15 PM

Awesome post!

I would just like to point out to those who say they do not want to "change the definition of marriage," that in our nation's history we have changed the definition of "marriage" more than once and thankfully so. If we had not changed the definition of marriage then people of different races would still not legally be allowed to marry one another in the U.S.

Marriage does not have a definition absent of the one we give it, lets allow the definition to be a union between consenting people who want to share their lives together, nothing else is really relevant.

Thanks for supporting love and equality Mackenzie!

Anonymous on 4:37 PM

It's really sickening to see how low the morals of Americans have fallen! I have enjoyed this blog until now and cannot in good conscience continue subscribing to this blog if it supports such horrific ideas!

H on 4:46 PM

Hey Anonymous: Chill the hell out. Your intolerance is horrific. And what ever happened to loving your neighbor as yourself? Try ACTUALLY using your conscience and think before you post something that is hurtful to others.

Victory Bird on 5:24 PM

Thanks for letting us know about the Freedom to Marry week! As a bride myself, I feel very strongly that everyone should have the right to be forever with the person they love in the eyes of the law. I hate to see the state systematically denying the rights of fellow citizens! While many believe marriage is a religious institution, it's not [and if it was, I wouldn't be eligible being a-religious]. It's an object of the state and should not be used for discrimination!

hizzybee on 11:00 PM

You know what's the worst part? Not that people have different opinions or beliefs, but the fact that some people are so intolerant of others. Diversity people, it's the wave of the future. Don't like Mackenzie's views on marriage, but love her taste in dresses? Fine. Love the values, pass on the shoes? That's fine, too. But please don't call my sister's blog "horrific", don't call her morals "sickening", and most of all, keep your hate to yourself!

Kate on 10:15 AM

Thanks so much for being brave enough to post about this on your blog. I always worry about potential repercussions when I post about it on my blog, but you can't let other people's nasty comments keep you from sharing your own.

I'm an NYC bride-to-be who has been taking part in the rallies and events to garner support for this cause (and will be again on Thursday!).

Thanks again for the courage.

Pencils on 11:08 AM

Thanks for posting this, Mackenzie. I do think that conservatives should have a voice--it's what this country is all about. However, I don't see why they should get a voice in other people's blogs--or marriages. The whole "traditional marriage" thing is just a smokescreen, as marriage has been redefined over and over again, and yet people still keep getting married. Even though some marry people of another race, or women insist on being people in their own right, not chattel that can be beaten or raped by their husbands at will. Even though children are no longer betrothed in legally binding agreements. Etc., etc. Don't even get me started on polygamy--unlike a lot of Americans, I've actually been introduced socially to women who were wife #1, and wife #2. They were nice women, too, and to them this was just normal. Let's not go there. ;)

christina on 4:23 PM

thank you, mackenzie for posting. thank you for believing in equality, love and tolerance for all.

Anonymous on 4:40 PM

in response to another anonymous comment, I'd like to know just exactly what problems letting two people who love each other so much, get married, would cause rather than solve. I couldn't imagine denying someone the same happiness I feel at the idea of being with my future husband for life and celebrating that any which way I choose. Sharing the same gender is as arbitrary a reason for denying marriage as sharing the same hair color.

people should take a step back and really think about what they're saying when they support something (anti gay laws) like this. you're advocating taking away someone's free will, because you don't understand or are scared of their differences.

Anonymous on 9:48 PM

I think you should seriously stick to the purpose of your blog. Why do you feel you have to give us an opinion on how you feel about same sex marriage? For what purpose? I too am done with reading your blog.

Brittany on 10:16 PM

Freedom of speech goes both ways. I may not agree with Mackenzie, but this is her blog, and she can and should say what she wants. I'd rather read a blog where the author stands for what she believes than one of someone who is afraid to offed, even if I don't agree with it.

Jillian on 10:26 PM

To the most recent Anonymous: nothing about that comment made any sense.

This blog is about weddings. This post is about weddings. Therefore: this post in on-topic. Get a clue, you sound completely ignorant.

Mackenzie on 10:31 PM

Thanks Brittany! I respect that.

tula on 12:09 AM

i am so beyond thrilled to see that you posted this. thank you.

Sandy on 7:50 AM

Thanks Mackenzie for posting this as I was unaware that Freedom to Marry Week existed. I'm going to post this on my blog as well as this is something I very strongly believe in. I don't understand why anyone would want to stop two people who love each other from getting married, nor do I understand how that would impact anyone else's marriage. If my neighbors get divorced that doesn't effect my marriage, so why would 2 men or 2 women getting married effect it either?

Faith on 12:24 PM

I didn't know about your blog until Tula at Whorange linked. I'm now a subscriber! Thanks for your support!!!!


Trudy Tyler on 12:40 PM

Wow, what an amazing blog! My sister is getting married this summer. I'll definitely bring your blog to her attention.

I was referred to your site via the design blog Whorange. Thank you so much for supporting the equal right to marry. I'm in a lesbian relationship and we had hoped to get married last year in California, but then Prop 8 passed. It was sad because we were planning our wedding and everything (looking for dresses, picking our colors, etc).

I hope to one day be able to use your blog to find inspiration for my and my fiancee's wedding :)

kurt on 12:41 PM

Kudos Mackenzie and kudos ladies!

I learned about this over at Whorange. So I had to take a look.

I just wanted to say that your responses were filled with poise, grace and thoughtful comment. I particularly liked the divorce analogy.

Each and everyone proudly included their name on their posts -- all except the detractors. That I think is very, very telling.

The most powerful antiseptic is pure daylight. Keep on shining!

Accidental Housewife on 2:16 PM

You know what, you're awesome. So far I've chickened out on posting about this,(though I did post about it on my personal FB page). My logic was that I didn't so much want my politics involved in what I hope to be my business. But especially after reading the comments here, I going to step up. I'm posting the Courage Campaign's "Don't Divorce Us" video right now. Seriously, I'm straight as can be but there's something about lgbt weddings that always touches me. I think it's the idea of two people loving each other SO much that they are willing to go through such heartbreak and intolerance, just to be able to be married. Maybe if straight folks had half the challenges to face there would me more MARRIAGES and not just so many WEDDINGS. Thanks for the push.

Maya on 6:31 PM

Great post Mackenzie-- know that many readers love and support you for posting this!

karly / design crisis on 7:28 PM

You may have lost a few readers, but you've certainly gained one in me! I find it interesting that your conservative readers openly demand that you 1. only discuss your beliefs as they pertain to them and 2. don't marry someone of the same sex. Perhaps these anons can come over to my house sometime and tell me where to store my linens and what to eat for dinner. After all, it's apparently fine for them to choose how they live their lives and when they will express their opinions but not ok for the rest of us to do the same. And, I suppose we are to accept, without argument, that they are right. If only I could be so all-knowing and perfect.

Anonymous on 9:43 AM

i found this post through whorange. i think its great that you posted this! it is on topic and important:)

Anonymous on 5:09 PM

You've gained a reader in me as well. I was recently married and I've shed many tears knowing that I was able to get married when others were not. I thought I would feel so happy finally getting married but instead I feel like I'm a part of something ugly. My husband and I both feel terrible about this situation. I'm confident that things will change in the future but right now its so sad.

Joanna Goddard on 6:54 PM

boo, commenter jessica! that is close-minded and painfully old-fashioned! YES TO FREEDOM TO MARRY!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO LOVE WHOMEVER THEY WANT!!! :) joannaxoxo

Anonymous on 11:13 AM

on a lighter note, i just hope they don't legalize marriage to your pets next! now THAT would be going a bit too about loving whomever you want!

Rachel Elizabeth on 8:50 PM

I just wanted to take a moment and commend you for this post. I was shocked to see the adverse reaction by some (and then if there were people who didn't oppose it we wouldn't need a post as such). I was so happy when I heard they had allowed gay marriage in California. My fiance and I talked about how great it is to live somewhere that everyone can love who they love and be recognized for it. And we campaigned together for no on 8 and cried together when it passed. One's personal religious beliefs belong in no marriage but one's own. Kudos for recognizing everyone's love!

LittleAlleyCat on 4:20 PM

I'm way late but but delurking to thank you so much for being brave enough to stand up for what you believe in. Clearly this post did cause some backlash but this is your blog and you can post what you want to. For me planning a wedding has been somewhat tainted with the knowledge that some of my nearest and dearest don't have the same rights that FH and I do. This makes me love your blog so much more!