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air pumps

When I was planning my wedding, I wanted fancy shoes. I thought that if I spent the money and got the Manolo's or the Jimmy Choo's that they would be miraculously comfortable and gloriously fashionable at the same time. How can something so fabulous cause pain? It must be like walking on piles of marshmallows, right?
Well, maybe sometimes, but not always. I tried a few options on, and let's just say that... gloriously fashionable? YES! Miraculously comfortable? Not so much.
This is why it intrigues me so much that Cole Haan has introduced some beautiful heels with Nike Air technology for comfort and support. I have not tried these, but I'm dying to find out if the holy grail of cute shoes has been achieved. First chance I get I will get myself to Neiman Marcus and attempt some wind sprints in these. In the mean time if anyone has a chance to try these out, let me know!


honey my heart on 11:05 PM

i am a true believer in cole haan w/ nike air, i have 4 pairs. they are so comfy and make a night out easy on the feet.

Patti on 11:51 PM

I agree with honey my heart. The shoes are awesome. I dont own any yet, but I have tried them on numerous times and love all the Cole Haan shoes - esp the ones with Nike Air.

Anonymous on 9:45 AM

Cole Haan w/Nike Air technology are absolutely amazing!! They are the only heels I can wear standing up for 8 hours straight and not feel pain. They are amazing - only problem is you don't want to wear any other heels other than the Cole Haan's because there's nothing as comfy!

Rashana of THE BRIDAL PARTY on 9:55 AM

Not sure why it took me so long, but I discovered these over the weekend and wrote a blog entry scheduled to post tomorrow morning! I'm glad to hear they're really actually comfortable. I haven't had a chance to try them out for myself yet.

Accidental Housewife on 2:13 PM

Those rosette ones are gorgeous! It can be shockingly hard to find pretty wedding shoes (especially if you don't have "standard" narrow feet...) I wonder if they come in ivory???

Amanda B. Young on 8:02 PM

Ohhh the ones on the right are stunning! Pretty + comfortable? Cole Haan is a genius!

Rooi_Skoene on 4:02 AM

I fancy the ones on the right even though they're a bit OTT.

But why did you think Manolos or Jimmy Choos would be comfortable?

Pencils on 11:17 AM

What a great idea--Cole Haan wedding shoes! The ones with the roses are lovely.

My wedding shoes were really comfy, but they had only a 1" heel. Still, a lot of flat shoes can pinch terribly, and mine didn't. They were from the British designer Benjamin Adams.

tula on 5:35 PM

How funny, i just posted on my site today my struggles with finding a cute comfy shoe. One of my reader sent me this think. I'm going to have to check them out. I hope they have other colors.

Thanks you for the tip!

Anonymous on 6:25 PM

Those shoes are gorgeous!

sgdish on 1:38 PM

Those shoes with the rose detail are gorgeous!

Jennifer on 8:49 AM

I love these Cole Haan shoes! But does anyone have any suggestions of other comfortable yet less pricey shoes?

Karley on 6:00 AM

WOW.!! Those Cole Haan shoes with Nike air technology would be great for brides. I can imagine how much confy they are.