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pillows with panache

My sister pointed me in the direction of Llubav this afternoon, check out these adorable ring pillows! Llubav hand tailors each pillow, customized for each individual bride. Love that.


Monkey Puffin on 8:45 AM

So exciting to see Llubuv here. She is currently sewing my ring pillow. I can't wait to receive it.

Chrissymarie98 on 7:54 AM

Just wanted you to know that I love your blog & I've added you to my favorite wed-blogs :)

Chrissy-From the Perfect Palette

Victory Bird on 11:23 AM

Seriously, also check out her flower pins. Such a great idea for boutonnieres.

Gwynne on 10:17 PM

These are lovely ring pillows. I'm looking for ring pillows for my upcoming wedding. For expertly coordinated wedding accessories that will beautifully accent my dress and my decor.