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"on trend"

J. Crew seems to have their finger on the pulse of wedding color trends this season. I can't tell you how many brides have come to me looking for gray and orange or pink and gray wedding invitations. Someone's been doing their homework! I wonder if this means that yellow and aqua is the next hot invitation color scheme? Would not surprise me!


Anonymous on 12:01 AM

Yellow and Aqua are my wedding colors! :) I'm on my way to the J Crew website right now, Thanks!

AEO on 9:29 AM

Mmmmm I adore those!

Pencils on 10:45 AM

I thought yellow and gray was a hot color combination for weddings. Anyway, they're all much nicer than the pink & brown and blue & brown that was everywhere when I was planning my wedding two years ago. I hated those combinations. My wedding colors were yellow, navy & ivory. Very preppy, in retrospect.

{kara} on 11:23 AM

Love these!

Mary from Olivet on 1:12 PM

I love these... especially the pink and grey pair! JCew is great!!

Julia on 1:14 PM

I love just about everything J.Crew has for weddings...especially these.

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride on 2:57 PM

Yellow and aqua are my wedding colors as well. Who knew I was so fashion-forward? haha. I picked them out months ago for my May wedding. :)

Wedding Corner on 4:39 PM

Hot colors are definitely the new trend!! I love the pink and gray.


Dynamite Weddings on 5:18 PM

I love these colors! They could add some playful color secrets under your white dress even!

Margarita on 10:21 PM

Mmm, those aqua shoes are divine! Thanks for pointing them out!

Anonymous on 10:30 PM

buy some ribbon and a hot glue gun and save yourself the $200

Rooi_Skoene on 4:57 AM

I want those aqua and yellow shoes. Or is that colour turquoise?

K @ Blog Goggles on 1:09 PM

I know. Dang you, J. Crew, for all the temptation.

perfect bound on 1:44 PM

I am loving grey and orange lately. What a good color palette for all season long.

Jolie Morgan Musick on 3:45 PM

I can't wait to to this to some of my shoes for burlesque costumes. Thanks for the inspirational post!