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the old is new again

Mari of Bel Canto finds and restores vintage jewelry from the 1930's to the 1950's and then gives it new life as gorgeous combs and hair accessories. These are a few of my favorites, but there were so many it was hard to choose. One-of-a-kind details like this make my day!


very married on 11:32 AM

I looked at the etsy shop and i totally love the Vintage Black and Crystal Rhinestone Barrette. Reminds me of something my grandma had!

Triufelis on 3:23 PM

I love thees barrettes. I'd like to wear something like this not only on my wedding day, it's such a cute accessory.

Delilah H. on 3:28 PM

These barrettes are beautiful! I would wear those on an everyday basis! LOL! Love vintage!

Pretty Bride on 3:01 PM

wow i love this idea... gorgeous... i might have to have one...

Bonnie on 5:34 AM

Stunning!! Exactly what I have been searching for as my bridesmaids gifts!!

sgdish on 1:40 PM

Love the idea of vintage jewelry...and the hair combs are great!