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i dream of cake

When the weather gets particularly cold and dismal I have to increase the frequency of cake posts to keep me cheerful. All these were inspired by the bride's dress, all to spectacular effect. I love the ruffles! I Dream of Cake, for more gorgeous inspiration/fanciful distractions.


A on 2:13 AM

I LOVE that site. I love those cakes.

Cristina Gallardo on 9:34 AM

Wow! Wonderful cakes!!!

Jess on 10:17 AM

Gorgeous! I especially love the peony ruffle cake. Great find!

Rebecca Wood on 12:39 PM

if you need a knock your socks off cake fix... please visit the talented Alexandria Pellegrino of
These cakes are works of art.

x rebecca

future Mrs. Jones on 8:06 PM

These cakes are making me dream of cake too! Lovely.

tickledwhimsy on 8:31 PM

These are amazing! How fun.

Wedding Corner on 5:25 PM

More beatiful cakes with lots of beautiful details.
I love it ! :-)
~ Lilian ~

Mrs. in May on 2:40 PM

I cannot get over how much I love that first cake!!!

Teresa on 11:16 PM

DI-vine, they are.

Amanda B. Young on 6:39 PM

WOW! That one on the upper left is simply stunning! Unreal. Truly a piece of art. I can't fathom actually eating it!