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lela rose up close

I am such a sucker for the teeny tiny details. Show me a gorgeously constructed gown made of exquisite fabric on a beautiful woman and I will be drawn to the hand-beaded, intricately folded itty bitty belt with the meticulous little fabric flowers every single time. Needless to say, Lela Rose is always a real treat for me. Her Spring 2009 collection might best be viewed with a magnifying glass!


K @ Blog Goggles on 1:12 AM

I'm not a big Lela Rose fan (or embellishment, for that matter), but I kind of love these. The sleeves are perfect.


love the detail!!

tickledwhimsy on 6:38 PM

I saw her stuff on another wedding blog and of course fell in love. They're just perfect, and so different than everything else out there!

Dynamite Weddings on 7:32 PM

The best part of any dress are all the intricate details that go into the beading, lace, placement, etc. This is beautiful!

christine@modernromance on 2:59 AM

Really lovely. That beaded belt is gorgeous!

Jessica Latimer on 7:02 PM

Her designs are so gorgeous.