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favor tins

Wouldn't these make an amazing favor display? Japanese chiyogami tins from Gamiworks seller on Etsy. I'd fill them with jelly beans or something small and sweet, and line them up exactly like this on a table for guests to take.


maggie on 3:20 PM

Love these. Wish we had a budget for favors.

Julia on 6:23 AM

ooh, I love these! going to forward the link to a friend of mine who's loving Japanese themed wedding ideas! very cute.

Does the Dress Fit on 8:58 PM

Those tins are really cool and very different. The best part is you can reuse them to put pills or mints in.

jnet on 1:34 AM

Very cute favors! these tins are simple yet can give an impression to guests. offers such wonderful tin favors also. Plus, you can make them cool is that?

Christina on 9:07 AM

I love these and blogged aobut them a while back. They are perfect for DIY sea glass candy!!! I've got a recipe on my blog.