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sweet outfit.

You're not the only one who needs to get dressed up for a special occassion, your cupcakes need a fancy outfit too! Love these ones from Estilo. Who, by the way, is having a sale right now, sweeeet!


Anonymous on 10:37 PM

Don't think you have to use these just for cupcakes! I used these for my wedding last year to wrap around votive candles and they gave a beautiful glow to the tables.

Anonymous on 11:25 PM

some may call these an unnecessary extravagance, but I call them the perfect finishing touch! thanks so much for pointing out all the beautiful details that can truly set a wedding apart!

Pencils on 1:51 PM

I love those cupcake wrappers! I used them for a baby shower last summer--I found pastel ones with rubber ducky cutouts, and put great rubber duck picks in the top.

Tracey on 3:34 PM

Darling- all dressed up and ready for a party!

{michelle} on 10:21 PM

Snazzy outfits, those are quite the trendy cupcakes, totally decked out!