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pearls with personality!

Happy Monday everyone! I'm looking forward to a big week, and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Found these amazing necklaces last Friday, and couldn't wait to post them first thing. These are some of my favorite "pearls" anywhere! Just enough personality and panache! All from PenelliBelle on Etsy.


Amanda B. Young on 10:50 PM

Ohhh I love that second set. Stunning! Great find!

jane in the waiting line on 12:25 AM

oh how i want that first set. i am swooning.

Liz on 1:30 AM

So sweet!

Anonymous on 11:49 AM

I purchased a necklace from this seller. I would highly recommend.

Teresa on 12:35 PM

Love these! Not your ordinary pearls!

My Sweet & Saucy on 5:41 PM

Simply gorgeous!

Julia on 12:20 PM

wow, I've been looking for something with pearls that's a bit different - think I just found my wedding jewellery!!

Wedding Corner on 4:36 PM

There are gorgeous!!

talita on 11:57 AM

these pieces of jewelry have a great modern twist! if you are looking for more pearl bridal accessories check out my hair jewelry on etsy available at:
they are unique for the bride and can also be bought as keepsake gifts for the wedding party.