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cake inspiration!

From the Cakegirls. These girls know how to make a cake! If you're looking for a little inspiration for your cake, look no further. If you're lucky enough to live in Chicago, give these girls a call!


Rebecca Wood on 10:51 PM

have you seen the incredible work of Alexandria of

andrea on 11:28 PM

wow! those flowers on the black and white cake and pink/white/beige cake are ah-mazing!

Meg Sylvia on 12:41 PM

Gorgeous cakes! Too bad I won't be getting married any time soon! ;)

Michele on 1:11 PM

The Cakegirls make amazing EVERYDAY cakes! I've ordered birthday cakes for all ages from them, and am always impressed!

Jen on 1:18 PM

Love that yellow and black cake - so modern and fun!

Las Vegas Wedding Concierge on 4:31 PM

Hello Mackenza,

Wedding Planner from Las Vegas who LOVES your blog so...
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Lovesfool on 5:54 PM

Love these!

Adrienne on 8:33 PM

These are incredible!

Clara French on 9:11 PM

These creative cakes are an inspiration!

future Mrs. Jones on 2:40 AM


Wedding Corner on 5:12 PM

Look at the details of these cakes!
Those flowers are perfect!
~ Lilian ~