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monday mood enhancer

It's cold and damp here, and the ground is covered with snow. We're just getting started with winter, and I'm just starting to get tired of it! These cakes by Ana Parzych are a much needed breath of springtime for a cold Monday morning, and they're just a few of many on Ana's new website. I love the pink one on the top, so cheerful and delicate!


Victoria E on 1:07 AM

Very gorgeous - almost too attractive to eat ... almost. ;)

Kathryn on 1:08 AM

Ooh - these are wonderful!

maggie on 9:07 AM

Oh wow, pretty. Especially that top one.

Once A Bride on 1:30 PM

Thanks for sharing that. It's snowing here, so I needed some bright cheer. :)

Anna on 4:01 PM

I love the pink one!

Tanya on 8:50 PM

They look irresistible! on 11:17 PM

The flowers are amazing... I'd love to share these with my readers!

Rooi_Skoene on 6:01 AM

Those flowers! They look so real...

Maddy on 3:19 PM

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Juliet Douglas on 1:20 PM

Gorgeous cakes. I would love to host a bridal shower with these cakes!