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cabin fever

I think I have the fever. The cabin fever. I'm dying to open my windows, feel a cool breeze, eat some fresh, ripe fruit (thanks to this this post by Cannelle et Vanille) smell grass! If only...
Alas, I think we're getting another 10 inches of snow before the end of the day Wednesday, that means I will have to travel far and wide for the cure to my fever. On the plus side, I did find some amazing deals on flights to California this afternoon... there may be a vacation in my future?? I hope.
In the mean time, I'm entertaining myself by looking for stylish conflict-free engagement rings for a newly engaged reader, Cami (congrats!). Sarah Perlis makes a few of my absolute favorites, some are even made with recycled gold. Love the rough cut stone!


A.K.H on 12:40 AM

Oh I love the jewelry, I've been looking for a ring like that for awhile now.

Thank you!

hizzybee on 3:45 AM

Aw yeah. Time for a little R & R. Come and feel the sunshine on yo' face!

Kim on 9:37 AM

I hear you!! And hey, I nominated Something Old, Something New for some Blog Luv!

Pencils on 11:15 AM

Those are lovely rings, but maybe a bit rough for an engagement ring. Which, to me, should be a bit formal.

And if you want to find a conflict-free and or recycled ring, vintage always works! It's the definition of recycling. My engagement ring is 60-70 years old, an aquamarine set in platinum, surrounded by tiny diamonds. I've never seen another like it and I get lots of compliments on it. The one thing I would advise is to get any vintage pieces looked over carefully by a good jeweler. After wearing my ring for not quite two years, I noticed that one of the prongs was missing. When I took it to a jeweler, I found ut that two more prongs were cracked. I had to get it fixed to the tune of $230 dollars. Totally worth it, though!

talda on 3:26 PM

well i'll let you know that it's cold here in california.

hey, 57 is cold to us. ;) but we're expecting a warming trend later this week so i say come!

Ten Thousand Only on 7:38 PM

talda, i have to agree with you. it's totally cold.

it's been dropping to 40 degrees in the late night.


it was in the mid-70's just last week. you never know. i say take a a little vaca to LA.

love sarah perlis.

men's rings on 10:52 AM

I think it is great that people are starting to step away from the norm with engagement rings. I have been finding it funny that couples are going for really quirky weddings but when it comes to the rings, they are staying with the boring, traditional ones.

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 3:39 PM

I love how beautiful these rings are! They are so different and so lovely! Wonderful!

Mo on 4:54 PM

The first style is my engagement ring, except my stone is purple! Sarah was such a joy to work with and I adore the ring. I highly recommend her.

I live in San Diego and my fingers are freezing while I type this. Maybe if you book tickets in a couple of weeks it'll be toasty again.

Anonymous on 5:51 PM

Sarah Perlis made my beautiful engagement ring and I couldn't be happier with it! She is lovely to work with and will be making our bands also.

I just moved to Northern California from Brooklyn last week...the weather is beautiful here, sunny and mild.

Love the blog!

emily - Wide Open Spaces on 10:04 PM

holy smokes - these are fantastic.

Jennifer Ramos on 2:25 AM

These are great...i LOVE that she uses RECYCLED GOLD...very cool! :)
I went on to the site and the links were broken though....

Jen Ramos
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