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white on white?

White on white wedding cake has gone from chic, to passe, to chic again. I'm fully embracing it, but only if it's as elegant and creative as this one. What about you? White cake? Colorful cake? What are you planning?
Lighter than air cake by Ruth Drennan.


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs on 1:31 AM

I love this one. I'm for white on white cake IF the pastry chef can truly get the icing white. Otherwise it looks blah.

Rooi_Skoene on 4:29 AM

I like the design of the flowers and the cake but I would've preferred some colour. Or it could just be the harshness of my laptop screen that hurts my eyes...

Maddy on 9:19 AM

I dunno, I love the design of the cake but white on white is a little blah. Even if it had just a little pop of color in the feathers or even just a little bit of colored trim it would be so much more lively :)

maggie on 9:29 AM

oh my. that's gorgeous. We're just doing plain white with real flowers but I just LOVE those

Jillian on 10:12 AM

I've just 'discovered' your blog and I freakin LOVE it... Nice work!

heather from the bar on 11:49 AM

love it!

Tanya Plonka on 3:14 PM

I think whether you use white or color, it's the elements that really date it. Just going with a classy design and keeping it subtle should prevent you from rolling your eyes in 20 years when you go back through your wedding album :P

Pretty Bride on 3:43 PM

i love white on white!

Anne @ Pink Galoshes on 8:13 PM

White on white is such a timeless theme. What a lovely wedding cake.

K on 9:06 AM

Holy moley, that's gorgeous! Thanks for the sweet inspiration.

I linked to this post on my blog: :)

Ericka on 3:39 PM

That goes well with the feathery-looking JCrew dress.

tina on 10:55 PM

i love this :)

hannah on 4:35 AM

I think white on white is just stunning, and it is also very fresh and on trend for weddings in 2009. I've actually posted about white on white for weddings overall over at my blog, too.

Anna on 6:25 PM

I love this cake! It's just gorgeous!