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You know me, I don't usually post about the whole matchy-matchy bridesmaid thing. I tend to prefer a little more style leeway than the typical bridesmaid's dress line offers. Anna Elyse however, makes just truly elegant, beautifully tailored dresses that I would wear even IF it meant I had to dress identically to 7 other women. Anna Elyse also makes any of their silhouettes into wedding gowns, which especially intrigues me in the case of the one shoulder, Brigitte Bardot dress above. Imagine that in thick ivory satin... hot.


Laura on 12:14 PM
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Laura on 12:41 PM

I just ordered my bridesmaid dresses from them. 5 dress with the same skirt style, three different top styles and three different shades of green. I just love their variety and the colors they offer! My bridesmaids, I will say, love them! And they were so helpful. Highly recommended!

Chic and Charming on 1:23 PM

I love that green dress!

Anonymous on 1:35 PM

They have a limited selection of bridal dresses too. I just picked up mine the other day - - it's gorgeous and more affordable than most dresses that I found (around $400).

Victory Bird on 1:57 PM

What is their price range for bridesmaids gowns? They are beautiful and appear to be a good fabric. Any info on what that fabric is?? Thanks!

Tea on 2:16 PM

I'd love to wear that green dress out even if it wasn't for a wedding! What gorgeous color.

Ashley L. on 5:37 PM

Too beautiful for words. I love these!

Laura on 5:43 PM

I got my dresses for about $270 each for the taffeta. They also have dupioni silk which is a little more expensive. But, my dresses are knee-length, I'm sure it would be more $ for the full-length.

Once A Bride on 1:03 PM

I loved this post and linked to your pic on my blog!

Colleen on 10:11 AM

Thank you for posting this! I think I might've just found both my and my maids' dresses!!!

JayhawkBride on 6:33 PM

yay! so glad more people are finding out about the AE line! I ordered these dresses for my May wedding. I let all the girls pick a different dress in the aqua taffeta. If you are in the DC area Garnish in Baltimore is the best place to find these dresses! Mia the owner knows the designer and is incredibly knowledgeable about the line!

Amaya on 4:13 AM

I think that is a great source for bridesmaid dresses.!! Price tags are really affordable.

Anonymous on 10:02 PM

Affordable??? As a bride to be, I know how caught up we can get thinking that a 250 dollar dress is affordable. Yes, they are beautiful. Go to and find dresses on sale, your bridesmaids will thank you.

Anonymous on 9:00 AM

My sister and I were in a wedding last fall; we each wore an Anna Elyse dress (same silhouette, different necklines). We both thought that our dresses were poorly made, and they were not flattering. At $300 each, we're trying to figure out how to get rid of them now.