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grass-friendly sandals

My favorite grass-friendly sandals for outdoor weddings this spring! If you're looking for a heel, the turquoise wedges are just the right mix of dressy and dainty (from Lily Pulitzer). Both the flats would look amazing with a flowy grecian dress... The first ones are quite affordable, from Jessica Bennett. The second ones are Stuart Weitzman, and perhaps my favorite pair of the three, so delicate and feminine. Not a single stick-in-the-mud in the crowd!


Once A Bride on 2:27 PM

Love these!!! Dreaming of spring...

Lovely Blogger on 3:29 PM

I love the turquoise ones!

Tanya Plonka on 11:44 PM

Great choices! Beautiful, and you won't be in pain at the end of the day.

Nancy on 6:36 PM

Thanks for posting on this topic! I'm trying to find a grass-friendly shoe for my own wedding this spring - I hadn't thought of looking at piperlime.

Silvia @ Beau-coup on 7:39 PM

Hi Mackenzie,

I love those sandals! By the way, I am awarding you with a Blog Luv award because, well... your blog is awesome!

Rooi_Skoene on 8:12 AM

Grass-friendly sandals?

Mackenzie on 10:04 AM

sandals with heels that won't sink into soft ground. :)

Globetrottingbride on 1:44 PM

These are so great. I want them all : )