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peacock dishes

Making me wish Anthropologie had a registry service... These are so me.


Meredith at Rose Bredl on 12:38 AM

my husband and I actually "registered" at anthropologie and it was wonderful. They don't have anything formal or technilogically advanced, but they did an amazing job making sure we got EVERYTHING on our list :)

Jen on 10:17 AM

Beautiful! Our theme is peacock and paisley, so I'm diggin' these plates :)

voudrais on 12:13 PM

I lovee anthropologie. They have the cutest items for the home too (as you have shown!) :)

Erin on 1:36 PM

My fiance and I are using for one of our registries. You can basically register for anything that's sold online, and I was drawn to it specifically because of the number of times I wandered through Anthropologie's home section and thought to myself, "Gee, when I'm getting married I'm going to have to figure out a way to register here." It's also great for supporting independent artists and crafters who have an online presence, or for requesting donations to a charity, honeymoon fund, home purchase, etc.

E. Golightly on 3:42 PM

My fiancee and I also "registered" at anthropolgie using the Wishlist feature on their website. It essentially functions just like any other online registry (type in a name, find a list of desired items!)

Joanna Goddard on 2:33 PM

really lovely!

Kristen Nichols on 7:38 PM

You can sort of register at Anthroplogie-you sign up for the wishlist-you can create many, add anything you want in the size/color/quantity you desire, and then you can send them to people via email-I know, I did it for my wedding!

Kate on 9:07 AM

Ooh, beuatiful! They remind me of Aubrey Beardsley of my favourite illustrators :)

Courtney on 10:54 PM

You can create a registry using the wishlist, but you can also register in store the old-fashioned paper way. I used to work there and we would offer registry services to brides. You just go to the store, walk through with a salesperson and select the things you'd like on your registry. The store will keep a paper list and your guests can either come in or call to order for you. Voila!

Rachel Elizabeth on 9:22 PM

I want these more than I ever thought I could ever want plates.