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Dragging up the net; haul, haul, haul. Spilling the catch on the deck; spill, spill, spill.

I love the fabric on this vintage wedding gown, it is as if antique Mexican AND also Modern. It's Modican. Or Mexidern. The former sounds like aerosol bug spray. The latter sounds like a drug for female problems. Sooooo NEVERmind. But seriously, you should see this dress, it's a stunner.

Nextly, we have a really amazing hair comb. "Sterling" I believe is the term, in both material and quality. Indeed.

Then, a lot of green glass votives on the cheap. Because sometimes people have parties and they need votives that are green and cheap. Maybe those people are you?

Last but not least, a swingy tiara that makes me want to drink bootleg gin and do the Charleston.


Marty on 11:12 AM

I think I used Mexidern to shed unsightly pounds. I love your blog, you should really be a writer for a Style mag or on TV doing a show. I point all my newly engaged friends here!

Jenna Burne on 7:21 AM

Nice selection. There are a great range of tiaras on ebay- also try