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fashion week 2

Here's the latest from Fashion Week:

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*again, left to right, top to bottom

1) Carolina Herrera
2) Carolina Herrera
3) Luca Luca
4) Luca Luca
5) Marc Jacobs
6) Oscar de la Renta
7) Oscar de la Renta, (I know this isn't a wedding dress, but HOT DAMN it rocks my world.)
8) Oscar de la Renta, " "


Mackenzie on 2:17 PM

I have a comment. Something which is purely my opinion, which doesn't seem fair to post in the actual blog:
What happened Marc Jacobs? Are those pantaloons?
She looks the bride at an "I Dream of Jeannie" themed wedding, just at the point where she's about to get cake smashed in her face, so she tucked an enormous napkin in the front so as not to get her "I dream of Jeannie" themed cake all over her white bustier & pantaloons set. The ribbon? The ribbon is ok. Otherwise? Me no likey.