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forty lashes

False eyelashes used to be part the the regular repitoire; blush, lipstick, mascara, false eyelashes. All par for the course back in the day. As a girl with relatively "dainty" natural eyelashes, I can appreciate this.
I tried using a couple individual lashes on each eye the last time I dressed up. They were undetectable as false eyelashes, but I did get a few compliments on my eyes, which normally don't attract that much attention. I'll definately use them again. They weren't hard to apply and gave me what I felt to be a good bang for my buck. You just have to remember to glue the individual lashes to the top side of your real lashes, not to the lids themselves. I bought the set on the right and have no plans to try the full fan, as the individual ones worked really well for me.
*Don't forget to coat with water-proof mascara after the glue dries. That'll help them stay put for sure, even thru a good sniffle.


h on 8:33 AM

ooh thanks!
i bought a full length one on a whim and it looks really fake...also hard to apply. i think the individuals might be easier and blend in better. fakes are definately a one time use? esp if you put mascara on top of them?

lush lashes here i come!

mackenzie on 9:14 AM

the individual lashes are indeed for one time use only... but you get a bunch in the pack, and you only need one or two for each eye. Plan on a $14 pack lasting you at least 6 special nights out.
They really do look very natural. I told my mother-in-law that I had them on, and she was all "let me seeeee!". I let her inspect my eyelashes, and she couldn't tell where the real ones ended and where the fake ones began.