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a new engagement

Wonderful things happen when the diamond takes second billing to a more colorful partner. Here are three brand new stunners. The first is a locket ring from Temple St. Clair, featuring a diamond, and a moonstone... opening up to reveal three hidden diamonds on the inside of the ring. This would make a beautiful statement as an engagement ring, in keeping with the spirit of discovery that comes with marriage.
The second is an ethereal sapphire from Barry Kronen, flanked on all sides by diamond prongs.
And lastly, a lotus blossom done in 22K gold with a dainty diamond center by Me & Ro. Again, I love the symbolism of the blossom for an engagement ring. So fitting.
All of these rings can be found at Ylang 23, where they're constantly updating their collection of designer jewelry.


shra on 4:12 PM

gorgeous rings! i must stop looking before my love fades for my own ring.