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makeup tutorial

I love this makeup tutorial series! Elke Von Freudenberg demonstrates how to get a long lasting natural finish to your skin while still managing to cover those red spots I have come to refer to (not so affectionately) as "issues". There is an ENTIRE SERIES of these videos to be found on her blog: The Beauty News, so don't miss it. Not only do I find them helpful, but I often slip into a somewhat Bob Ross like hypnosis whilst watching them. Which I love.


h on 5:12 PM

wow, thanks! these videos are very helpful...did she post any videos on how to do your eyes? it looks like she stopped at the lipstick...

Mackenzie on 5:33 PM

I didn't see anything about eye makeup on the Elke site. For that, and for some other great tips and tricks, go over to

Tricia Sawyer has some really great tutorials for eye makeup, including the illusive "smokey eye".

kelly on 9:19 PM

Thank you so much for posting this- the tutorials rock. I'm retarded and always thought foundation was supposed to be rubbed in, not sit on top. Opps.

h on 8:53 AM

oh thanks or the extra link!
yea, kelly, i'm like you...i've been doing that and the streaky blush thing =_=

Elke Von Freudenberg on 10:22 PM

Since the videos were done through Coutoture Media, they've decided to now make $$ off of the videos which was never the intent. They no longer have my permission to promote these videos so only 1/2 are up on YouTube. I'm working on making better videos through my business. Stay tuned! And also, Tricia's videos are awesome...


Rachel on 9:01 AM

Fantastic Videos Elke, i have been searching for some time now for some make up videos on the internet, my search is over xxxxxxxxxx