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have necklace, will travel

I love these necklaces from Elizaldi. Each set comes with a sterling silver St. Christopher medallion or a starburst pendant, and a vintage stamp from any number of locales.
What a perfect gift from a groom to a bride as a memento of their honeymoon, or a gift from a bride to her bridesmaids, honoring their heritage. What a great idea. I love it.


ambika on 9:04 PM

What a wonderful idea. I lived in Prague and as so many readily available cultural items are pure tourist tchotchke, I don't have many mementos. This is just perfect.

candy on 9:04 PM

these are beautiful would make a great gift my daughter also recieved a gift for her wedding it was sadie ryan wedding tile it was the most perfect gift it is an invitation in stone just beautiful!