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I've been so focused on the "Something New" with Fashion Week and all, I thought I'd refresh with a little "Something Old".
There are some wonderful new (well not NEW, but old in the newest possible sense) things up at Vintageous. I love, love, love this site for dresses. There are always so many great shapes from decades gone by. Lest you forget, this is not the first time the bubble skirt is popular. They 're a staple on Vintageous, direct from the fifties. The real deals. But don't sit on your laurels if you see something you like, the real gems go fast. In fact, you might have to fight me for the blue one on the end. Go. Go now. NOW.


ms. spinach on 3:58 AM

these are all unbelievably gorgeous!

mo on 5:30 PM

The first one reminds me of June Cleaver. (So now everyone knows I am quite old.)Who would've guessed she had such style!!!!
I love the third one, gee...I wish I remembered where I left my waist!