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found it!

Camera, FOUND! Yay. So here's what the poms looked like hanging, along with the centerpieces.


mo on 3:57 PM

Everything is beautiful! I'm glad the camera was found. I'm pretty sure that losing the wedding pictures is frowned upon. How nice of everyone to wear red hats to the wedding!

callie on 6:18 PM

They look stunning! Did you light them up? Too dangerous with all that paper?

Thanks for a great idea for my own wedding. Not sure how they'd turn out in subtler shades of white, creme & taupe with brown centers...but I'm going to mock one up and see.

Marissa on 11:58 PM

beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to share these!

Sarah on 12:06 PM

Paper flower *centerpieces* too?! Wow, that's a lot of paper crafting! Very impressive. And I've been wondering like Callie if you lit the poms too?

Mackenzie on 1:04 PM

Hi all,

We did not light the flower balls, simply because no light would come thru! Because we used so many fabric and card stock flowers, the light just ended up sillouetting the flowers and making them difficult to see.
Instead, we interspersed the flower balls with regular round chinese lanterns, and lit those. That way, the flowers were lit from the outside, and were easier to appreciate, yet there was plenty of mood lighting in the tent.

MCRBride on 9:23 PM

Love that people had accented their outfits w/ red too!
Great job--it looked FAB!

Kate on 12:49 AM

Absolutely beautiful!

boston_kate on 12:20 PM

hi there-
just poking through the archives, and i'm wondering if you have any information on the "twig balls" in the background with your beautiful flower balls.

are they twig balls, with little christmas lights? or something totally different?


Mackenzie on 12:54 PM

Hi Kate,

Yeah, those are totally twig balls. And they do have christmas lights
inside. We rented them from the florist, they were pretty
inexpensive. I'd check your local flower shop/party rental place.
Thanks for reading!


amanda on 4:29 PM

I love the look of the lanterns as well. I was wondering in total (with the mixed variety), how many lanterns do you think is the right amount for a tent?

Cass in NYC on 9:48 AM

This is adorable!
what size tent is this and how many lanterns did you use total?

Rachael on 4:22 PM

Where did they find the round wooden/reed/twig looking ones? I absolutely love them!