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papery goodness

Ah! Too cute! I die!
Check out these amazing little paper sculptures by Concarta. I love the look and I love the details she puts into these.


Lila on 12:56 PM

Those are way to cute! I can't believe that's paper! Too bad I have no talent with origami...not even a paper airplane.
Lila Ferraro
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Aly on 12:40 PM

Those are amazing!!! They would make a great shower gift. Even a great first anniversary gift, since that is traditionally paper.

shellie on 1:31 PM

very cute but i love all things paper!

Anonymous on 7:35 PM

these are fabulous!

Anonymous on 3:17 PM

stunning details!

Mareeyah on 5:22 AM

Wow! What a creative idea! These things would look fantastic on top of the wedding cake.

Sarah Wedding on 10:44 PM

These paper creations are so beautiful! (I hope the artist didn't get any paper cuts!) These would be perfect to adorn the top of the cake. It is truly amazing how much detail is in these creations! Tres Crafty-chic!

cake and cider on 1:04 AM

...the back shot got me. lol.

Lindsay H. on 10:51 AM

i love them, they're just darling.

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