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I think these are incredibly cool. Something about the intricacy of fingerprints has always intrigued me. These rings from Fabuluster can feature them on the inside or the outside of the ring. Check them out!


Anonymous on 10:00 AM

this is amazing! i wish i had known about it earlier -- how cool would they be as wedding bands??

Kaylen on 11:43 AM

These are definitely on my wish list for the wedding in July. I LOVE fingerprints and just the sentimentality of having your loved near, always.

rachel on 6:10 AM

that is definitely neat - i think my fiance would dig this! thanks for the info.

Kim Cavanagh on 10:35 AM

They look fantastic, what a great idea.

Biana on 4:00 PM

This is such a great idea!

Taylor on 8:36 AM

these are great!!!! so original and thoughtful!

Timeless Collection on 7:42 AM

Such a good idea! On their shop they have dog nose pendeants too, wow! Not quite as pretty as the rings but they're great none the less.

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