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my dog ate my earring

Last night I was wearing my favorite earrings, (bottom left). I love these earrings because they're super light, super comfortable, and everyone comments on how nice they are. I love them. Correction; loved. *sad face* I woke up this morning to discover that my puppy had gotten one of them off the coffee table and chewed it to bits. He's still in the "dog house", as it were.
I bought them in San Fran. when I went to visit my sister, and I had no idea the name of the shop where I got them or the name of the person who made them. Luckily, I have a magical sister who happens to be the world's best internet searcher. She found Molly M's website and now I can go ahead and forgive Shorty. Yay!
Since I was so pleased to have found a source for these babies, I thought you might be interested as well. These would be perfect bridesmaid's gifts. I love the ones on the top left, they'd be gorgeous against dark hair!


hizzybee on 10:57 PM

wow, those are so unique and beautiful. I love how organic they look.

Amanda B. Young on 11:24 PM

gorgeous! i love big but not "busy" earrings like these. so i guess it was a sad story with a happy ending since now you get to swoon over the rest of her stuff!

Anonymous on 2:07 AM

這家的台北搬家公司的服務是一流的。 on 2:08 AM

The ones in the upper left are definitely my favorite. And I'm glad you were able to find the source so your mourning could be over!

Julia on 4:40 AM

sorry to hear about your old pair!!

I really like the ones upper right.

Alex Davies on 6:20 AM

Naughty doggy - lovely earrings :)

{The Perfect Palette} on 7:02 AM

those designs are so great! we likey.

Sam on 7:36 AM

These are so lovely.

I am a huge fan of earrings!

And as for your dog - mine ate my favorite pair of new shoes two days after I brought them home. But, you still can't help not loving them.


Sam @PrettyLovely

kelly on 10:36 AM

I love every single pair. Thanks for sharing the site!

loren weltsch on 7:35 PM

i bought a similar pair at the renegade craft fair in sf last year - i love how light they are!
this etsy store has similar ones:

Anonymous on 2:38 PM


brooke @ claremont road on 9:48 PM

Those are fab.... glad you're getting a replacement pair!!!

steph on 2:58 PM

There must be something in the air!! My dog ate my brand new pair of shoes this week! Before they were even out of the box! I feel your pain! ooh gotta get those earrings....

world of warcraft gold on 5:19 AM

That's a lesson to be learned. No matter how much we love our pets when they chew on our stuff we can't blame them. So like keeping away stuffs from kids, better keep valuable stuffs from pets too. Good for you that you were able to find a replacement.

Rosebud on 10:34 PM

Crazy dog...these are stunning! Thanks for sharing Molly M's site!

BunnyBlue on 10:29 PM

3 days before my wedding my dog ate one of my pearl earrings , I'm still someone miffed at her for doing so but can only blame myself for leaving them on a low coffee table right where they would tempt her. I'm hoping to find a pair to replace them eventually. I'm glad you found yours!!