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In keeping with yesterday's dessert theme, I spotted these adorable cookie cutters yesterday over on Ohdeedoh. I thought they could work beautifully for cookie favors i.e. "Ann and Bill 1.29.10". OR! place cards/seating cards that double as favors! I realize this would involve resetting the type for each cookie then stamping a different name on each, but wouldn't that be cool? No doubt it would be kind of tedious for a large wedding (I wouldn't recommend it if you were expecting say... 400 people) but it wouldn't be expensive, and in my opinion, the best seating cards are edible seating cards! Message Cookie Cutters from Williams Sonoma.

17 comments: on 11:50 AM

Reminds me of sweetheart candies! Just in time for Valentine's Day.

Jennifer on 11:21 PM

Uh oh. I really, really want these! I LOVE the idea of decorating cookies, but it never works out for me. I once tried to make menorah shaped cookie with Hanukkah themed cookie cutters, but they all came out looking more like blobby apples! LOL! This might be a better alternative.

make money on 4:38 AM

These cookies look so delicious. I have got to have these fun cookies making gadget.

House plans on 4:38 AM

My kids love to eat cookies with different shapes. I like this.

Anonymous on 5:12 PM

These look too cute! It says on Williams Sonoma that they are no longer available :(

Cazzers on 7:01 PM

I love these and I had to go out and get them right away! My only complaint- they don't come with numbers or punctuation marks, too bad :(

Samantha on 6:59 PM

These would encourage me to make Thank you and I love you baking more often!

Jillian on 2:08 PM

Where can I get these? Williams Sonoma's website says that they are not available anymore!

Olivia on 4:18 PM

These are adorable! The functionality of these cookie cutters is awesome...I love the thought of having cookie seating cards! Definitely a very cute idea.

Meg Sylvia on 12:58 PM

These are AWESOME! I totally want these now!

Cassidy on 9:07 PM

want !

Terry on 9:58 PM

those are so cool! what a great find!

naptress on 12:40 PM

They will be back in stock I was told in march

Starry Night Design Studio on 8:41 AM

Cookies do make the best seating cards - and those look great!

Anonymous on 9:47 PM

Used the message cookie set today-was very excited to get creative-had a really hard time getting the letters to go into the grooves. I would not recommend this as it was a big hassle...also, as someone else mentioned, no numbers or punctuation...

African Sands on 6:03 AM

These are too cute. There are so many ways you can use them. I love edible messages!

Ashley on 2:44 PM

Those cookie cutters are so cute!

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