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sam and dave: one week to go!

Only one week until Sam and Dave's wedding! As promised Sam is sharing her ketubah with us, along with her last minute thoughts. Here she is:


I can’t believe we’re getting married next weekend. I have a surreal feeling of excitement and disbelief. We’ve been talking about this and planning little details for so long that it is difficult to believe that next Saturday I’ll wake up and know that Dave and I will be celebrating our love later that day with everyone we love. Time is accelerating. I can’t slow it down. I’ve never been happier and I want it to last. Dave’s truly my best friend in the world. I feel like we’ve known each other forever. I have so many emotions surrounding this event. I can picture his face as I walk toward him. I can picture my parents dancing happily and all my friends laughing and enjoying themselves. I can see my 91-year-old spirited grandmother dancing with Dave, who she loves as her own grandson. It’s all going to be so overwhelmingly special, I just want to slow time down and enjoy every second. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have the most creative parents in the world who have planned and baked and built and created what I know will be a moving and memorable day for us and them and those who have been in our lives and shared time with us as we’ve grown and as we’ve grown together.


Anonymous on 10:41 PM

id you both write this? it is quite lovely!!!

Deardeedle on 7:32 AM

I absolutly love your ketubah! Not only is it beautifully written but the dandelion is gorgeous and so perfect for the idea of growing and starting a new life & family together. Plus it has the symbolism of wishes and the innocence of children [who often wish on them.] I love it. May you two be blessed with creative ideas & happiness forever!

samantha hahn on 12:58 PM

Yes...we wrote it and I drew it. My dad worked on the layout of the type. It was a team effort. Thanks for the well wished. We're really thrilled. I just can't wait.

Anonymous on 2:33 PM

this is the great!selfishly, i am going to miss your posts- but i wish you both much joy!!!

Anonymous on 5:55 PM

Thank you for sharing your wedding planning with us. All that has taken so long to plan will be over in moments, enjoy every one!
May you always remember the joy and excitement you feel right now.

Anonymous on 12:13 PM

so beautiful! how big is it? also, my fiance was wondering if a ketubah is supposed to be in hebrew. i said it probably doesn't matter... does it?

Rebecca on 7:35 PM

awesome! Sam, I am so happy to see a cool DIY ketubah (FINALLY). And also, giant congrats to you and Mr. Dave--I hope things go swimmingly. We'll be rooting for you!

Anonymous on 9:40 AM

Congrats! I'm really inspired by your ketubah. My SO is Jewish, and I think that would be a wonderful way to incorporate her religion into our ceremony (in addition to the things that we are already planning). So happy for you both! I've loved reading about your planning process, and I'm dying to see the pics!

samantha hahn on 2:01 PM

Thank you all so much for the well wishes. I loved posted. It was really great to get things off my chest, ask you all for advice and just document the process. It's going to be really wonderful and I'm thrilled. I would love to share my pictures when I have them...if there's room on this magnificent blog that I feel privileged to be part of. About the Ketubah, I think it can be what you want...hebrew or not...there are many ways to do it in your own ideology. Poke around on line and see what you like and use it as inspiration or just start from your head and heart. Thank you all.

Anonymous on 4:21 AM

Absolutly love your ketubah

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