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patterned bridesmaid's dresses

Tory Burch
While browsing over at the fabulous new blog SocialDesign, I came across a post featuring Knottie "SpringChic", including several gorgeous photos (all just as nice as the one below).

I couldn't get over how smashing the bridesmaid's looked in their bold, graphic, patterned dresses. It's just so fresh, you know? The above stunners from Tory Burch would totally fit the bill, especially if you were doing sort of retro-mod thing.


SocialDesign on 10:24 AM

Thanks for the love!
We heart your blog :-)


SocialDesign on 10:24 AM

Thanks for the love!
We heart your blog :-)


Anonymous on 1:43 PM

Any idea who designed those bridesmaid dresses? I'd love to put my girls in patterned dresses like those!

Anonymous on 2:52 PM

White House Black Market. I have the same dress, I wore it for my Rehearsal dinner

Anonymous on 9:46 PM

Love these. And the bouquets are perfect.

Helen on 3:16 AM

I can't remember where the rest of the images are for this wedding, but if you look through, the whole wedding party actually coordinates with the hotel decor. see the wallpaper to the left, and there's images of the wedding party reclining on bright yellow sofas too, I think. Found it through weddingbee perhaps? Gorgeous gorgeous, gorgeous. Will have to keep an eye out for many other shades and styles. Loving it.x

Nancy Swiezy on 4:07 PM
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Nancy Swiezy on 4:08 PM

I love this yellow black and white concept.
Its fresh, crisp and clean.
Perfect for that "No Pink Please "Bride
Nancy Swiezy
A Newport Affaire

Anonymous on 4:22 PM

gorgeous! love how they match the walls too..

Anonymous on 4:08 PM

very sweet

Anonymous on 9:43 AM

love it

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