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wrapping paper galore

I just got an urgent SOS from a reader, requesting help finding wrapping paper. Since I know that that season will be upon us very soon, (when we all will need a little wrapping paper), I'm pointing you to my absolute favorite wrapping paper sites.

Whimsy Press- I like to imagine that princesses and Oprah probably use these papers on a regular basis. They're stunning, up there on the left is their "Hollywood Hills" pattern.
Heidi- gorgeous, delicate papers for all seasons. That's her's on the right, the pattern's called "Pine Cone".
Luxe Paperie- offers several brands of very cool papers, including Snow & Graham and Eieio.
Nineteen Seventy Three- a posh British studio, selling some pretty funky papers.
Kate's Paperie- Last, but certainly not least is Kate's Paperie, who has a nice selection, (including that Birdie and Pussy Willow pattern I believe someone was looking for)!


Anonymous on 2:46 PM

Thank you! You are amazingly amazing!

-kisses and kisses-

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