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We are skiing north of Montreal at Mont Tremblant this week, so I am posting light. The past two days on the slopes have been so fun, but I haven't been on skis for a while so my muscles needed a break today. I opted to hit the internet cafe. It's cozy and warm in here and I have a delicious cafe americano beside me, so instead of skiing I will spend the morning surfing!
I found these, new from J. Crew. Love the one shouldered one, but not sure about the other one. I sort of wish the bodice fit better on the top, and while I like the lace, the trim looks a little like curtains to me. Opinions?


jacin {lovely little details} on 12:07 PM

love the vintage, heirloom look

katilda on 2:54 PM

i think the 2nd one needs to make more use of the white space on the one less row of trim in each section. i think it will look less young that way. i love everything else about it though...

Dylana Suarez on 3:01 AM

So so beautiful!


Meghan on 12:41 PM

I think the second one may work better as a shorter dress. You're right that it looks a bit like a curtain, and the top is too big. It resembles a potato bag on this model, but maybe a woman with more curve would be able to better pull it off? You're right about the one shoulder top dress, it's stunning! I need to weddmark this for my weddzilla collection! J.Crew is such a great place for brides to find a more modern chic look for their big day! It's one of my favorite places to shop for everything I need, especially wedding day items!

Lauren H. on 5:50 PM

So beautiful!

Unknown on 5:58 PM

Love the first one, not sure about the second, bit frumpy I think.

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