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sneak peak... los angeles

A sneak peek at our new Los Angeles wedding invitation design, which will be released next week on the Kenzie Kate site. I'm super proud of this one! The casual feel, the colors... everything about it screams "FUN WEDDING, GREAT COUPLE!" to me. I love the lack of fussiness, it's just so... relaxed. Like a happy couple!
I was so excited after getting these samples built that I had to share them right away, just a couple quick snaps with the camera phone and thru the magic of the internet... there you have it! You saw it here first!


jacin {lovely little details} on 3:45 PM

so gorgeous! what is that font?? i've seen it everywhre lately and just love it!

hizzybee on 6:31 PM

I really like this one. One of my faves, probably!

Genevieve on 7:42 PM

Looks great. Those colors are so popular right now too. The "and" in the year is one of my biggest pet peeves though.

Mackenzie on 7:44 AM

It's a quirky wording choice for a quirky invite! I like that it's a bit faux formal on such a casual invite.
Wording is always a great way to express your style, so go with what you like!

Being Brittany on 9:18 AM

If I weren't already married, I'd plan my whole wedding around these invitations! I love everything about them!

Mackenzie on 10:39 AM

Thanks Brittany, that's so nice of you to say!
Jacin - I think it's called "strangelove" oddly enough.

Carolynpom on 4:37 PM

oh man I LOVE these invites! The fonts! The chevrons! The colors! Perfect!

artdecodiamonds on 5:45 AM

I love the colors... fantastic!

Wedding Invitations on 7:47 AM


Troy on 11:01 AM

Wow... That font really is something unique... I love the quirkiness!

Anonymous on 3:10 AM

SO cute! Bring your bathing suit?

dominique on 9:50 AM

I absolutely lovelovelove this. Love the colours, but most especially love the font!

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