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weather or not...

As we in New England have witnessed first hand this past month, just because it's summer there's no gaurantee that it'll be sunny OR warm! While these might actually be necessary in August, they'll definitely be useful by October! Love the fuzzy shrug. Both from Silvia 66.


Heather on 11:42 PM

The flower one is so cute!

life according to celia... on 2:49 AM

omg. those would make the cutest bridesmaid's gifts. thank you for sharing!

sarah jane on 11:28 AM

utah weather has been the same way this year! love these!

The Snapdragon Inn on 11:59 AM

ahhh New England weather. these really would be perfect for our cool Vermont summer evenings. Thanks for the link. Silvia 66 yum.

{The Perfect Palette} on 10:41 AM

love those.

Shabby chic furniture on 8:21 AM

Super cute shrugs!

AlexD on 6:47 AM

They are so pretty I love that little bolero. Oh how I wish I could knit!