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I love this new trend of embellished headbands. It's so effortless and pretty without being fussy in the slightest. These are some of the best of the bunch, from Be Something New.


Heather on 12:22 PM

These are so pretty. I love this idea.

Ashley on 8:05 PM

Wow! These are absolutely adorable. I've seen alot of fun hair accessories, but these are by far my favorite.

Thanks for sharing!

Melissa on 1:36 PM


thebestweddingblogever on 7:39 AM

These are really pretty, but I don't think I'd wear them to a wedding. They just don't say wedding to me. They are gorgeous for picnics or parties though!

jill on 12:32 PM

thank you so much for putting my things in your blog! you sent a lot of traffic my way, you have a beautiful blog

thanks again

nicola ticola on 5:20 AM

ah these are just beautiful

nicola xx

br5da3 g5r3 on 7:21 AM

Simple and elegant. COngratulations on your wedding.