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love really IS for the birds

I love the idea of throwing bird seed instead of rice, and I'm sure the birds do too! These little bird seed packets are an adorable way to close your ceremony, complete with "love birds" logo!


life according to celia... on 10:49 PM

i'm buying these!

Shakespeare's Bride on 12:02 AM

You find the coolest stuff. Love these.

nicola ticola on 5:19 AM

these caught my eye straight away, I love anything with little birdies on!

nicola xx

AlexD on 6:45 AM

So cool - go little birdies :)

Amy on 7:31 AM


French furniture on 7:45 AM

It's a cute idea!

Pencils on 9:44 AM

Check with your venue first before buying anything. I got married on the outdoor terrace of a country club, and they wouldn't let us throw rice, birdseed, fresh or dried rosepetals and several other things. The argument was that people could slip on it and the country club would end up getting sued. And I wouldn't use anything that wasn't biodegradable. We used a biodegradable confetti called Ecofetti mixed with tiny dried flowers (we didn't mention the flowers to the mgmt!)