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chic shoulders

So chic! I love these shrugs from Toccata, they have a real high fashion flair, without being too over the top. The pleats are amazing, and in my opinion, would look fantastic with a simple gown, long or short. Perfect for a church ceremony where covered shoulders are required or for your picture perfect getaway on the back of that vespa/bicycle/petty cab/horse.
**OK, I plead pregnancy brain! I can't believe I forgot the LINK! How long have I been blogging now? Sheesh. A thousand apologies.**


so.chic on 2:27 PM

I love the pleated shrug...what a great look!

violarulz on 5:32 PM

do you have a link for the lacy one? it's so pretty!

tickledwhimsy on 6:54 PM

Seriously, the pleats are incredible. I second the request for a link, I'd love to see more, and more photos of that pleated wonder.

anna and the ring on 1:02 AM

Love them both. Too cute!