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good news! it's still summer.

Just a few of my favorite summer dresses over at Antrhopologie. I WAS going to post about some adorable J.Crew pumps today, but J. Crew has just released their FALL clothes, and after scrolling around on their site looking at cable knit, turtlenecks and overcoats, I'm sad. So, I will save the pumps for another day in favor of very flowy, summery things with no sleeves - so as not to pass on the sadness that comes with sweater sets in July.
The Floating Lotus Dress (top), and the Clustered Petal Dress (bottom).


Kelly on 10:56 AM

so pretty... that second one is screaming my name!!


Faith on 11:50 AM

I've been following your site ever since Tula on Whorange mentioned your support of the anti Prop 8 crowd and gay marriage. Thank you again! While these dresses are gorgeous, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are owned by a right-wing anti-gay man named Richard Hayne who pulled a gay marriage support shirt from UO's shelves and has supported such luminaries as Rick Santorum. Just wanted you to know. Do with it what you will.


tweetie on 12:10 PM

ugh! i got that j. crew catalogue this morning in the mail. it is going to be 104 or so today, and at 10 am it is already almost unbearably hot, so leafing through pages of wool sweaters made me cringe. i can't stand the way retailers rush us into the next season. i'd love a break from the heat right now, but how about a glass of lemonade instead of the suggestion that soon it will be cold and rainy again? thanks for posting something a little more appropriate for the current weather!

Costume Diva on 1:35 PM

Love those! Im also OBSESSED with the Beach Grass dress. I die.

tickledwhimsy on 7:10 PM

I'm not ready for fall yet either! Let summer come and stay for a while. These are just dreamy.

Anonymous on 7:47 PM

love the clustered petal dress.

Fashion Dresses on 2:11 AM

O my God !! beautiful dresses, the second one just steal my heart..