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Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Fourth! I'm celebrating post #800 today! Yippee!
What better way to celebrate than to ring in the week with a fine feathery clutch? The shop where I found this one also has some funky other color combos, all of which would be tres chic paired with a white gown. From Angee W.


Heather on 11:14 PM

So pretty! I just bought a vintage beaded clutch last weekend. This one is totally cute.

nole @ oh so beautiful paper on 11:20 PM

Congrats on 800 posts! I just passed 600 myself, which seems crazy - I still remember agonizing over #1!

Krystel on 12:32 PM

Oh! That is really cute, thanks for finding and posting! Those happen to be my colors and I wanted something with a vintage feel, but not overly fussy and the feathers make it a little fun and funky, just like me.

The Frugal Fabulous Bride on 1:20 PM

I just adore that! You'd better snatch it up b4 I do. *wink*