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I've been looking for simple, realistic looking flowers mounted onto bobby pins (rather than clips) and Die Blume has them in spades! I thought someone else might be looking for them as well... the flowers attached to clips can be so pretty, but the size of the clip means that they can sometimes be awkward to attach to my "dainty" hair. These are perfect for summer.


Sam on 5:16 PM

Those look so real. Always find that hair flower clips scream fake. But these are lovely.


Sam @PrettyLovely

anna and the ring on 5:38 PM

So sweet.

I love the hair as well. So deliciously messy.

Maggie on 12:29 PM

Thanks for posting these! I just ordered some.

die Blume on 12:08 PM

Thank you so much!

What a beautiful blog!