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black and white

Black and white, made fun by Vanilla Bakeshop in Santa Monica. I love the butterflies! Happy Monday everyone!


Pencils on 9:22 AM

I like the butterfly cake, just not with the black butterflies on it. Looks too much like some other bug--beetle, roach, etc--than a pretty butterfly. Yes, that was really gross, but that's what it looked like to me. Speaking of which, the one on the top right looks like tentacles (octopus, squid...or Cthulhu) reaching up through the water.. (Obviously I'm in a weird mood today!

please sir on 10:16 AM

Oh I love the colorful cake - a bit modern and still elegant!

bridal girl on 10:40 AM

Wow! I really love the cakes. They look so yummy and they are so beautiful looking!!!

Teresa on 12:50 PM

My colors! So fun.

Events2Remember, Inc. on 3:59 PM

I love the first cake! I like the elegant, yet playful look. Not to mention how delicious it would taste right about now..

Something Pink Girls: Wedding and Event Planning on 11:26 AM

These look fantastic and delicious!!