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catherine deane

One of my absolute favorite parts about writing this blog is looking at amazing wedding gowns, and these are right at the top of my list. I'm a sucker for details, and Irish designer Catherine Deane does them with such style! Her designs can be found around the world, including a few retailers here in the States. Lucky us!


lunarzie on 7:09 AM

i love the one of the left, with the detail on the rim. pretty!

Ivory Pearl Interiors on 10:57 AM

Beautiful design. I had never heard of Catherine Dean, but I will check her designs o the Internet now that I've see these photos.

dezphaire on 9:14 AM

omigod those are sooooo pretty!

Rachel Elizabeth on 12:04 PM

I love them both! The neckline on the second one is simply amazing.

Julia on 5:50 AM

oh my that first one is just exquisite! It would never suit me, but a friend of mine would Wear That.

Laura on 10:23 AM

Beautiful dresses. But what constantly perplexes me is who on earth wants to look like a strung out vampire in her wedding dress?? What is up with the look of this model - and so many others I see in bridal magazines??? (Sorry, pet peeve of mine....)

I love your blog and all the wonderful finds you dig up!

Jessica Latimer on 6:59 PM

These are gorgeous. I love the platinum undertones.

WestAussieWedding on 6:29 AM

Lovely. I like the floaty skirts and they way they are simple without being boring. I am also loving the undertones

Anonymous on 8:58 PM

i love your blog. I actually bought the top left dress for my wedding, after seeing this post. I had never heard of this designer. She's amazing and th dress is beautiful beyond expectation. And the staff is very friendly. Can't wait to wear it!

whattodonext on 12:06 PM

Mackenzie, I too am smitten by Catherine Deane's designs. Can you tell who are the retailers in the US that sell her dresses? I am having no luck on the web. Many thanks.