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pretty as a peacock

I've had several very cool clients recently tell me they're incorporating peacock feathers into their wedding decor. If they are any indication of trends to come, the hair accessories at Portobello are sure to be a big hit! They have more than just peacock feathers, check them out!


Teresa on 10:44 PM

I'm seeing so many weddings with peacock feathers lately. Lovely!

Julia on 8:56 AM

spectacular! I'm loving peacock weddings too

Joy on 10:57 AM

so awesome... reminds me of the blue bird in SJP hair at her wedding in Sex & The City movie. :) on 8:25 PM

These are simply GORGEOUS !!!
Love it!!!


Julianne on 11:27 AM

I love Portabello, great etsy seller! Great product too.

annie pea on 11:51 PM

this is very much a sex and the city take